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Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the principal that the entire body is represented in reflexes in the feet and it dates back to 2,500 BC.

These reflexes are believed to be linked to certain areas of the body through a network of energy pathways known as zones.

Stress and disease can form in these reflexes and show up as painful or sore areas.

My aim is to activate the body's self-healing mechanism using a precise thumb and finger technique.

Stress can have a massive impact on our bodies by creating blockages so it doesn't function properly. Reflexology can help clear these blockages and also help with conditions such as stress, back pain, depression and anxiety. Prolonged stress can cause tension and tightening of the muscles which leads to pain and illness. Reflexology can help to relax, re-fresh and re-energize.

I have also completed further studies in fertility and conception so I have an understanding of what clients can go through when trying to conceive. As a therapist I am aware of the effects stress and emotions can have on the body and how it is linked to conception. If you are unsure if Reflexology is for you please call me. A taster session can be arranged and the area of conception can be discussed.

On the whole, Reflexology can promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Relaxation in itself can improve a persons lifestyle and general health.

My affordable treatments take place at my home in Norwich City, Norfolk.

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