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Welcome to Rosecroft Reflexology.

My name is Debbie Smith and I can help support your health with holistic therapies in Norwich, Norfolk.

I am a qualified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist. A member of the Professional Reflexology Association.

My treatment room is situated just minutes away from the city centre in Norwich and it has a calming, relaxing atmosphere.
Norfolk is a great place to visit. Norwich city centre is a busy hub of shops and restaurants with many tourist attractions.

I was originally trained in Light Touch Reflexology which uses very gentle techniques. This type of Reflexology is good for babies, young children, the elderly and for anyone who prefer a more gentle approach. I also work with a firmer touch for those clients who prefer it.

One of the main areas I like to treat is women's health and I have recently undertaken training with Hagar Basis from the Reflexology Academy in London. This is a more powerful type of treatment using Advanced Reflexology Techniques devised by Tony Porter which is great for helping women through all stages of life including period problems, fertility and menopause.
ART is fantastic for helping clients through their conception journey as it can be stressful when trying to conceive. Reflexology can be great for fertility as it relieves stress and induce relaxation. It is so lovely to hear that one of my clients is pregnant, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

I have also studied Nutritional Therapy because I think that what we put into our bodies is very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
I believe that a holistic approach to health is invaluable in today's modern world especially ladies with fertility and menopause issues.

I have also completed the NCFE level 2 course in Counselling Skills to gain a deeper understanding of my clients' emotional health as this can have a big impact. Many physical conditions can be related to stress and trauma.

As I enjoy working with female health and have undertaken further studies in this area I only accept female clients.

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After becoming a professional Reflexologist I decided to also become an Aromatherapist so I could use essential oils in my foot treatments. Essential oils are very relaxing and have many health benefits and I aim to create a bespoke Aromatherapy blend for each client. Being a Reflexologist is very rewarding, it is lovely to see my clients leave happy and with a sense of wellbeing. This therapy requires the practitioner to have skill and sensitivity to locate the reflexes which need assistance to re-balance the system.

Reflexology and Aromatherapy are beneficial for many of today's conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety. Stress can play a big part of modern day life and Reflexology is great way to induce relaxation. Also, Reflexology can help with physical ailments such as back pain and migraines. Both of these holistic therapies are good at supporting health and creating general wellbeing.


Reflexology is one of the most popular of the complementary therapies which many people and organisations, (including the NHS), are making use of.

Reflexology is a non-invasive and safe therapy which can address minor conditions to keep illnesses and disease at bay. A monthly " MOT" session keeps the immune system topped up and re-sets balance to help tackle life's stresses. These stresses could be relationship challenges, bereavement, illness or fatigue.

A one hour treatment can help the body and mind unwind and relax which restores well-being to get you back on your feet to face life.
The session involves a full consultation which covers your medical history and lifestyle factors. Then I examine the feet, warm and relax them and then begin the treatment. As Reflexology works holistically I then work through each of the body's systems. After the session I will advise you about a treatment plan if one is required.

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If you are unsure if Reflexology is for you then please do not hesitate to telephone me with any questions you may have and to find out about my latest offers and taster sessions.

Though Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment, sometimes it may not be suitable for everyone. The following conditions would need to be discussed before booking, so please call first if you suffer from any of the following.

Heart conditions
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Foot Infections

Also, please let me know if you have had any recent operations or take any medication.

I offer Reflexology treatments with Aromatherapy Oils, (if required), at my treatment room just a stroll from Norwich city centre in Norfolk.

My treatment room is based at my home which means my treatment sessions are an affordable health alternative.

A treatment session lasts one hour with a consultation. The consultation will help pin-point any areas of stress or pain to kick-start the healing process.

Please call to book an appointment. I will ask a few routine health questions at this point.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Parking available.

"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art"
Leonardo da Vinci.

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